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With 47 man years of experience in programming Crestron products, Oxberry is the leading company of its kind worldwide, having programmed Crestron's showrooms in London and New York in the last 12 months alone.

Oxberry was established in 1999 and has been writing software for Crestron control systems ever since. It is the number one support infrastructure for Crestron products globally. It's London offices are in the same building as Crestron EMEA and Oxberry has close collaboration with Crestron globally. As certified programmers, Oxberry was a founding member of the CSP (formally known as CAIP) scheme in 2003. Just look at "Our World" to see where our software lives and on which kind of projects we have worked.

Using Crestron products and Oxberry’s programming, you can control literally anything – heating, lights, AV, security, the list continues. And ALL of Oxberry’s programming is guaranteed to meet the international standards set by Crestron itself, under its Crestron Services Providers banner. This means that Crestron automatically approves work undertaken by Oxberry’s expert programmers because annual exams have been passed and all the quality boxes have been ticked.

From its humble beginnings, the last five years have seen Oxberry expand and improve to new heights that even ambitious founder and Managing Director Cliff Stammers could not have predicted. Opening an office in New York to meet the current demand for Oxberry software in the USA is just the start of its global growth.

Here's a small selection of Oxberry-designed touch panels that have been used in our jobs. Providing the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics, they are created for each client to their exact specification.

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  • Munro House, Portsmouth Road
  • Cobham, Surrey
  • KT11 1TF
  • 0208 397 5624
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New York

  • 1234 Summer Street
  • Stamford
  • CT 06905
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  • 16A Great Will Building
  • 665 Avenida da Praia Grande